Looking for fresh dewy skin? To unveil your natural glow the skin must be purified from dead skin.  Accumulation of dead skin cells can lead to acne, blackheads, ingrown hairs and more. 

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Berbers have been perfecting their beauty regimen for a millennium using this luxurious exfoliation method to remove dead skin.

Silk Exfoliation. Yes. It’s as luxurious as it sounds.

Here are some benefits of exfoliating with silk:

  • It’s free from harsh chemicals and toxins found in other exfoliators and only requires water to work.
  • It’s less abrasive than other exfoliants found on the market.
  • It provides a deep exfoliation removing dead skin cells without stripping natural oils.
  • It helps with unclogging pores, fighting breakouts, blackheads and ingrown hairs.
  • It provides strong anti-aging and skin regeneration support by promoting the body’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin.
  • Accelerates blood circulation leaving the body feeling revitalized.
  • It stimulates lymphatic drainage which can help with fluid retention and inflamation
  • Helps with balancing skin tone and texture and reduces the appearance of scars, keratosis pilaris and stretch marks.
  • It removes fake tans in the most natural way without the use of chemicals, providing a smooth base for future applications.
  • Helps with deeper penetration of serums and moisturizers.
  • Most importantly, it nourishes the skin, leaving it looking healthy, supple, and shiny.

Join the Glow Babes Club and say Bye Bye to ashy, flakey, dry skin!

Deep Silk exfoliation benefits glow away skin

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