We have been to China at the end of 2019 and, as a matter of chance, discovered the exceptional beauty regime followed there using gua sha and quartz roller as the best tool for relaxation at a spa.

As we were nescient about this therapy, back home, we explored it more on the internet to check out its origin, proper usage, skin benefits, and more.

We were surprised to know that the internet has been trafficked with the Gua sha hashtag.

And This Is Not Without Reasons!!

The gua sha and roller techniques were a super soothing experience for softer and smoother skin with a small investment in handy tools.

Guess what? We were inspired enough to bring home the tools for consistent usage.

'Gua' that is often translated to scraping and 'sha' for redness of skin in English is the East Asian facial technique with its origin in ancient Chinese methodic.


Ancient Chinese Beauty tools- gua sha scraping face lifting tool mount lai

Origin Of Gua Sha And Jade Roller Tools

It can be dated back to the Yuan and Ming Dynasty when primitive stones tools were used by hunter-gatherers to rub body parts to alleviate pain symptoms. This Chinese lymphatic drainage technique involves scraping your skin with the massaging tool to improve blood circulation and soothe pain.

Initially, the technique's use was restricted to the person's back, buttocks, legs, arms and neck treatment. However, with innovative tools, today it's used for facial skin-pampering too. Known as the “Stone of Unconditional Love”, the pink rose quartz was and still is a preferred stone for beauty.

Traditionally, it was performed with whatever tool were available on hand like an animal bone or horn, a coin, a soup spoon and stone tools of various shapes and sizes. Practitioners then believed that stagnant qi or chi is the possible root cause of inflammation associated with chronic pain. Rubbing the skin surface helps break up this energy, resulting in reduced inflammation and promotes healing.

Today beauty and wellness brands have introduced the tools made up of stones like jade or rose quartz owing to their natural cooling properties.

Rose Quartz facial roller and gua sha skin rejuvenation

Facial Benefits Discovered Accidentally

Facial benefits of gua sha were discovered accidentally which were roped in the traditional eastern beauty and wellness regime. Today its benefits have been translated for the western users as an acupuncture facial treatment that treats ailment in other parts of the body and rejuvenates facial skin with an instant glow (what a aha moment to watch your wrinkles fading away soon and experience muscle relief in massage). 

Your face will be noticeably tighter and smoother in the morning when you use the roller at night before going to bed.

Definitely you will be less blotchy in some time. 

Let It Work For Your Body

This ages-old Chinese technique is an effective home remedy to improve your facial skin texture. But, you have to use it at regular intervals for the best results!

Rose quartz roller works manually and drains sluggish lymph- stagnant fluid under the skin cells, which are the root cause of inflammation and puffiness, especially around the eyes.

We can bet, you will observe noticeable differences within three weeks of usage. Kick start the natural cleansing system of your face at home.

You may be surprised to know that it is so effective at reducing swelling that people are using them to treat their swollen ankles!

Quite Unlike Botox

Home gua sha enthusiasts can massage themselves using the tool once a week. And, you can feel your face brightened and cleansed with naturally defined lines as your angle of jaw and plane of your cheek will be newly sculpted.

As an easy and affordable beauty technique, this can be replicated at home using the right tools on your body part like the neck. While using gua sha tool on your face roll it from one ear to another and round the base of the skull. This will stimulate the muscle that connects the back of your head. Gradually, wrinkles from your forehead will vanish too.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller Benefits- Glow Away

Result Oriented Beauty Session At Home

Make the most out of your beauty products using rose quartz rollers. Apply moisturizers and anti-aging serums to your roller and rub it on your face gently to ensure maximum absorption.

No need for finger massage around the gentle skin of your eyes as the product gets worked in via roller. Using proper gua sha and roller tools work miraculously if you apply gentle pressure rather than scrapping. 

Shouldn’t this be motivating enough to share our personal beauty secrets with you as you too can bring home the best tools without any hassles?

Hey, no need to fly to China; just place your order for the same online and start rejuvenating your skin with no side effects! Lay hands on compact and pocket-friendly tools now and thanks us later. xoxo 

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