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This is incredible, especially the one for the face. Essential for winters in Canada

It didn’t work as well I I would have hoped

Didn’t take off as much dead skin as I would’ve hoped. Being Korean, I grew up with exfoliating mitts my whole life and expected 100% Turkish silk to somehow be more….well amazing. Didn’t work as well as my old Korean mitts but the colour is nice. Face mitt feels rough once wet. Not sure if I like it or dislike it yet.

Worth it

I was so exited to receive this product had high expectations and they held up . Helps with literally everything they say. Worth the buy !

Smooth and Soft

I'm an exfoliator already, so I really wasn't sure how much more this was going to do for me, but I'm really enjoying these products. The trick is not add pressure, but simply move the glove across the skin (takes practice for sure). Areas that I know are rougher (elbows, knees, feet) I'll apply a bit more pressure. The softness of my skin afterwards is really lovely and I don't know if it's makes things more absorbent, but when I apply cream, serum, etc. afterwards, my skin just soaks right up!

Gloves Ripped off after few use’s.

I have only used it few times and already started ripping off the gloves. ☹️

Skin Soft and Glowy

I really like the quality of the material, it doesn't feel too rough on the skin even if you scrub hard with it. I hardly see any dead skin which disappointed me but it truly leaves my skin soft and glowy from the exfoliation.

My Skin feels healthier 😊

My skin feels healthier in each use. Easy on the skin but does deep exfoliation. Would recommend.

Glow Away SKIN™ Deep Exfoliating Mitt- Deluxe

It is perfect

At first i thought it wouldn't work. but later on I can see the result it really works. and I am so happy and no regrets using your product

As Described

As Described works Brillianty. Would recommend.

Expectations exceeded!

Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first. But oh man am I impressed. It is and does exactly what they say. I use the face and body mits daily! Absolutely in love with them! Has my skin feeling so soft, smooth and clean !

Smooth skin

Although l don’t visibly see any skin rubbing off when l use the mitt,my skin does feel super smooth after l use it.

Glow Away SKIN™ Deep Exfoliating Mitt- Deluxe

It really works!!!

I love my mitt! I was shocked to see how much dead skin came off! I find I grt much better results after a bath as opposed to a shower, I'm assuming because your skin is softer from being fully submerged in the water. If you're on the fence, unsure if you should get it... GET IT!

Glow Away SKIN™ Full Glow Bundle


My skin has never been this smooth and soft I’m in absolute love!! Plus it got rid of my discoloration around my thighs in 3 weeks, best exfoliation ever !!!

SO amazing, I saw results right away!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought this, but WOW it does such an amazing job of removing dead skin and exfoliating my entire body! Ever since my first use I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!


good glove

takes a little bit of elbow grease with my usual shower length/temp but still works really well, feels so good and makes my skin super soft

As advertised

I was blown away with the results, I have told family and friends about it. Thank you guys

Highly Recommend!

I have dry, sensitive skin so I am very picky about what I put on my face. The exfoliating face mitt has been amazing to get all that dead skin off my face. I love the cute silk scrunchy and the face sculpting set is life changing!! I definitely think it would make great gift sets for all your friends and family! Get yours today!!


Okay the first time i was struggling for it to work, but around the second time, i could start to see the dead skin (ew lol) but it did work! I could see how my legs were a bit lighter than before which was great. Totally recommend this product to anyone.

The best body scrubber ever

I was so surprised to see how this body scrub exfoliated my skin and immediately left my skin glowing and soft! I love this body scrub. It absolutely works !!!


I am a first time customer and when I tell you this product made my skin feel so smooth

Glow Away SKIN™ Deep Exfoliating Mitt- Classic.

I love this mitt. My skin feels amazing after I use it.