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I needed this years ago! The packaging was great with a card explaining information. I used it in the shower and my dead skin came right off. I use it weekly and it is the most effective exfoliator ive ever used.

Didn’t get enough dead skin and dirt coming off from my skin

A game changer!!

I love this so much. It's so worth to buy. I've tried many different type of exfoliant but never worked until when I had the chance to try glow away skin. Love love love 💘

Glow Away SKIN™ Deep Exfoliating Mitt- Classic

Love it 😍

Best thing I’ve ever used to get the dead skin off. Totally worth buying!!

It's really rough

It was super stiff when I opened it but I thought well it has to be wet so that's fine so I ran myself a bath and got it wet and used it, it wasn't soft at all. The advertisement I saw said it was 100% silk. It is way to rough to be silk. It made my skin very irritated and it hurt for days and I didn't even rub too hard. But it made my skin smooth after the irritation went away, so 3 stars.



Changed my life!!

I started using the Deep Exfoliating Mitt about a month ago and wow - it made such a huge difference on my skin! It's smoother, looks more even, and just overall brighter. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!


This is honestly such a good product it does take away all deadskin & I feel super clean afterwards

This is one of the best things to buy from Instagram! I have acne prone, sensitive skin and this mitt has helped me get rid of most breakouts and dead skin cells. Like you can literally see the dirt and oil it scrubs away! Definitely something to try out!

It works...

The one for the face works great but I haven't noticed at difference on the rest of my body after about 2-3 weeks of use

Interesting glove

I actually lost some weight from the glove, and not only that Im starting have no embarrassing bumps on my legs
I haven't seen my legs clear since 2015


Was very impressed! Works so well!

Clearer Skin

I am so impressed with how well this works for exfoliation. For me, my chicken skin arms are starting to look more even and less bumpy after about a month of using the product twice a week.


Does everything it says it does

Glow Away SKIN™ Deep Exfoliating Mitt- Classic

Amazing for sensitive skin!

These gloves are SO great! They are gentle enough to not disturb my sensitive skin, but they get off all the dead skin as well! No harsh fragrances to make me break out and I love that you don't use them with anything but water! It's made a huge difference on my strawberry skin and also helped my dry, flaky skin on my face especially! Love them and recommend them to everyone!!!

Glow Away SKIN™ Deep Exfoliating Mitt- Classic

Glow Away SKIN™ Deep Exfoliating Mitt- Classic

It's been a few weeks since I've placed my order and I have not yet received it. I know that's mainly due to covid causing delays with the carrier company, so the 4 stars is for the customer service, which is great! Once I receive and start using my items, I will come back and give a proper review. I am looking forward to using my bundle package:)

Absolute amazing

Bought it for my whole family. 5 total. Everyone’s amazed by what this product can do!

The best ever

This product is amazing it’s made my skin 10x better has made my dark spots if not go away made them get lighter I’m telling you buy it it did take a minute to get here but it was worth the wait

Slow postage but amazing product.

Had to wait a long time to receive it but it was worth the wait. You can literally see all the dead skin come off and my skin was so soft after using it, even without moisturiser.

Glowing skin

This is the most amazing product I've ever tried! It really makes my skin feel new!


This product is PHENOMENAL. I was a little hesitant at first because you can’t trust everything good you see on the internet but this ACTUALLY works. Both my mom and I have used it and it has done wonders for our skin. From look, to feel, our skin is amazing. Definitely a good product and a good buy